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Meditation for Women

Feb 12, 2019

There’s something you’re craving. Something you want. Something you’re striving for.

And you’re excited about it.

Perhaps it’s a health goal.

Or something that’s important for you personally.

Or something you want to accomplish in your business or career.

Or maybe it’s one of the things that’s been on...

Feb 5, 2019

Whatever it is you can have.

Whatever it is you want to can be.

Whatever it is you want to can do.

And you already have everything you need to make it all happen.  

But sometimes, you just need a little extra push.  A little extra cheerleading. An extra loud voice in your head reminding...

Jan 29, 2019

It can creep up on you...a bad mood.  

Stress, lack of sleep, a negative interaction with a loved one or colleague, unmet expectations...there are so many things that can initiate this downward spiral until, all of sudden...your mind is saturated with anger or sadness or frustration.

Sometimes you start snapping...

Jan 22, 2019

You are beautiful from the inside out.


No matter how big your thighs, How soft your belly How scarred your skin, Or how absent a limb…Your body is glorious!  Just as it is.


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Jan 15, 2019

There is so much noise.


An onslaught of ideas…


All the details of managing your daily life…






Things to celebrate.


Not to mention all the outside information coming at you every single day


Social media




Content coming at you from all angles.


And your mind...your...